Who is Bryan C. Laesch?

Bryan C. Laesch is many things to many people, some of them not very flattering. However, critically, he is a writer, author, and blogger from Metro Detroit, Michigan.

Those may all sound the same, but there is a reason he bills himself as the “Omni-Genre Writer”, despite the fact he hates journalism and his days of writing literary critiques died when he graduated from Wayne State in 2015. His muse, being the coquette she is, inspires him to write everything, including poetry, plays, movie scripts, blogs, t-shirt slogans, and both fiction and non-fiction.

Bryan’s interests are varied and dynamic, likely due to the fact that he is an INTJ, hence, he is always looking for the answer to everything, hoping that a perspective on everything can lead to said answer. As a result, he has outlines and story ideas for about every genre in genre fiction, including romance, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, action/adventure, and thriller. But most of his story ideas lie in the spine-tingling genre of horror. Amongst his horror ideas are his future Tales of Horror series and his magnum opus Remnants of Chaos. And since he’s a control freak, impatient, greedy, and has already had his heart broken by traditional publishing, he now focuses on the world of indie publishing and is a self-proclaimed authorpreneur, despite little supporting evidence.

As a blogger, Bryan is committed to exposing all the nasty secrets of those who share his personality type–INTJ–try to keep hidden. At one point in time, he also used his blog to write critiques on anime and movies, theories on cryptozoology and the supernatural, and manuals on writing style, but from here on out, he wishes to put the kibosh on anything that isn’t directly related to being an INTJ. After all, most of the people who follow him on social media don’t give a damn about those other things.

In addition to all that, Bryan has interests in firearms, archery, bowling, whip cracking, foreign languages, cars, motorcycles, biking, rollerblading, and heavy metal. He is also a practicing Roman Catholic. He is a certified dog trainer, despite never owning a dog in his life. His favorite writers include the great bard William Shakespeare, the master of horror Edgar Allan Poe, and contemporary dark fantasy author Glen Cook.

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