Hello, everyone.

As I have run into a few hiccoughs, I am changing up how I’m doing my “business”. From here on out, I will try to write and publish three horror books per year with one non-horror book per year.

So, here’s a preview of my upcoming works, and their projected release dates.

Coming Soon

Becoming The Beast

My first experiment with Kindle’s new novella feature. This story will follow a scientist and his blasphemous experiments with the cryptid known as the Dogman.

The Leviathan

Teased in the “coming attractions” section of the first TOH, this will be the follow-up novel to the story The Serpent.

Tales of Romance Vol. II: Love and Money

Just like the other Tales books, this one will have three short stories in it, but these stories will span one love story, but at three different intervals. They will follow a couple as they progress through their relationship and partnership.

Coming 2024 and Beyond

Tales of Horror Vol. III: The Weird Tale of Jonathan Harper

The Northwoods Darkness

The Serpentine Conspiracy

Tales of Romance Vol. III: Unlikely Lovers Reprise

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