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Here you will find the Horror books I’ve written and published. The stories which I have launched myself into the indie publishing world.



Tales of Horror: Macabre Monsters of Michigan (Rewritten)

Cover by Corvid Design

Do monsters exist? Some say they don’t, but these macabre tales offer a different perspective.

In RE: Encounter a Michigan farmer gives his account of a harrowing encounter with a sinister beast that is as smart as a man and walks upright. In The Serpent a team of researchers look for a creature said to dwell within the depths of Lake Superior. What should be a routine cryptid hunt quickly becomes a fight for survival and sanity as the team tangle with the powers of an ancient evil. In Becoming The Dragon, a meek man learns he is destined for a dark ascension. He’s left skeptical until he is confronted by four home invaders with a serious bone to pick. If he wants to live, he must choose the devil within.

Do monsters exist? Although some are quick to dismiss their legends, Tales of Horror still abound…

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Tales of Horror Vol. II: Malicious Spirits

Cover by book_design

Evil plagues our world causing pain, feasting on our fear, and stealing our energy. How do we become entangled with it and what price do we pay for doing so?

In A Grim Deal, Needles makes a deal with the “goddess of punks”. In exchange for vandalizing his former church, she promises to make him a world-famous punk rocker. But when the consequences of his deal evoke the ire of a spectral guardian, he learns how hard the “easy way” can be.

In Gentle River, David Keel is investigating a stream by the same name. Known for its strange calming effect on people, more than a few adults and a lot of children have disappeared near its waters. But after setting some of the river’s trapped souls free, Keel becomes the target of the vengeful spirit responsible for the deaths and disappearances.

In Through the Looking Glass, Karen Kline is gifted an antique dresser by her parents. Originally not enthused, after a mind-altering vision, she comes to love it dearly. But doing so opens her up to a predatory entity that puts everyone she cares about in danger.

In this second volume of Tales of Horror, humanity battles malicious spirits for its life, soul, and eternal freedom.

Features three “Extra Shots” horror shorts Old Route 6, Tiny Hearts Bleed, and Out for a Swim.

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