Monday, 9/25/23


Good news, everyone!

Hello, everyone. I’m back with another update.

So, if you’ve been visiting my website routinely, you will notice that it goes through periodic changes as I refine it. Well, it’s going through another overhaul as my social media engagement began plummeting. As a result, I’ve had to restart my Instagram and TikTok accounts, and this time, I’m trying to follow the advice of the successful indie authors. So, I’ve created accounts that are only for my horror books while my original accounts will be catch-all accounts. And in an attempt to draw more attention to my horror books and away from everything else, all the different genres that I have published under now have their own separate pages on the site. Hopefully, this will make things a little more streamlined for those who associate me with a certain genre and not others.

So, in the spirit of organizing everything, please make sure you are following both BryanCLaesch and HorrorAuthorBryanCLaesch on IG and TT.

Lastly, my next book will be Becoming the Beast, but I have no idea when it will be published. I’m still working on it.

And that’s the news!

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