MBTI VS The Chinese Zodiac, Pt. I

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So, I’ve been talking real big about my eventual return to YouTube. One of the things I would like to do is conduct interviews with each of the personality types. These interviews will  cover things like stereotypical traits and behaviors, how that individual differs from the stereotype, and clearing up some misconceptions. But, one of the other things I would like to do is compare MBTI to other versions of personality typing, including the Chinese Zodiac and classic astrology. However, before I start doing that with someone else, I should really put myself through it just to test it and see what it’s like.

So, I researched my own animal sign in the Chinese Zodiac. Now, I’ve known since I was young that I was a Snake. I reveled in that fact as at the time snakes were my favorite animal. Although, being a Snake probably affected that. Anyway, I’ve read conflicting information over the years about what it means to be a Snake, but for Christmas (or was it my birthday?) I asked for “The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes” by Theodora Lau and Laura Lau, which turned out to be a rather thick and comprehensive resource. So I spent some time researching myself as a Snake and a lot of it was quite accurate. Now, I have a theory as to why or how it might be that the Zodiac or astrology can accurately type a person, but I’ll save that for my conclusion. Anyway, here’s the breakdown of the Snake and how it matches up to the INTJ personality.

Introducing the Snake

But first, what is the Snake? Well, the Snake is one of twelve animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac. It’s number six to be precise, following the Dragon and preceding the Horse. The Chinese Zodiac, also known as Sheng Xiao, is simply a classification scheme based on the lunar calendar where animal signs are used to represent a whole year as opposed to a single month like we find in the Western zodiac. And just like bog-standard astrology, each of the animal signs is associated with specific seasons and certain elements. However, whereas in the West we have the four classic elements of fire, wind, water, and earth, the Chinese use metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. As for the origin of the zodiac, the myth of the Heavenly Gate Race explains it. Basically, the Jade Emperor wanted to select twelve animals to be his guards and so he sent out a message saying that the earlier an animal made it through the Heavenly Gate, the better its rank would be. As for how the Snake nabbed sixth place, there is some debate about that. One legend says Snake claimed to be the adopted son of Dragon because the Jade Emperor said the Dragon’s son could be sixth, while another claims that before the finish line, there was a great river that all the animals had to cross. So, the Snake conserved its energy by wrapping itself around Horse’s leg and once across the river, the Snake uncoiled itself, scaring Horse and stealing sixth.

Now, admittedly, none of that has anything to do with MBTI. I just wanted to mention it. However, as this is me we’re analyzing here, I can tell you that I was born February 22, 1989. This not only means that I am a Snake, but that I am an Earth Snake, a Winter Snake, and a Pisces Snake, all of which I will explain. So, then…

Snake vs INTJ

All right, then. So, with that all out of the way, let’s talk about how much the Snake and INTJs have in common.


Believe it or not, there are many commonalities between the Snake and INTJs. I found that about 90% or so of what I read about the Snake matched INTJ personality traits.

The chapter on the Snake started with a poem where the Snake says he has “the wisdom of ages” and he holds “the key to the mysteries of life”. He casts his “seeds on fertile ground” and nurtures them with “constancy and purpose”. His sights are fixed and his gaze unchanging. He’s “unyielding, inexorable and deep”, advancing with a steady and unslacked gait.

Further on, the basic description of the Snake says that Snakes are philosophers, theologians, “political wizards”, and “wily” financiers. Snakes are supposed to be the deepest thinkers and the enigmas of the Zodiac. They are endowed with inborn wisdom and can be mystics. They are graceful, soft-spoken, love good books, food, music, and theater with a penchant for preferring the finer things in life. 

Continuing on, the Snake, just like an INTJ, generally relies on his own judgment (and is proven right), but he does not communicate well with others. Snakes are also always on guard. They treasure their privacy and keep their secrets secret. They’re careful about what they say, tending to prefer to ponder, assess, and formulate their views properly.

The Snake can also be deeply religious or psychic. Either way, he’s usually more superstitious than his sophisticated front shows. The Snake is also known as a “karmic” sign, meaning he likes to settle his dues or any unsettled scores.

Snakes are also not bothered by money problems. They either have what they need or know how to change that. They are prudent and shrewd in business, but money for them is only a means to an end. In fact, Snakes can actually be quite generous. Despite this though, they can be absolutely ruthless when trying to attain something important. And they can be considered ambitious because they strive for control through power and authority.

Now, let’s talk about Snake women, who definitely seem like female INTJs. The Handbook suggests that the “Snake lady is the original femme fatale”. She’s a cool, serene, and “exotic beauty” that mesmerizes. Although, she is also not always a “raving beauty”, she knows how to make the most of what she has giving her an alluring aura. She is confident and collected, but sometimes lolls around giving the impression of indolence and love of ease—but her brain is never at rest. If she can afford it, she’ll wear real gold and diamonds, but if she can’t, she prefers to go without because that shows more value than wearing junk. Further, she has high standards for her mate. She admires power and the influence of money. Her husband will be her greatest asset, and if he hasn’t realized his true potential yet, she’ll do everything she can to make it happen. But Snake women aren’t really concerned with women’s rights or equality—they already feel superior. They set their own agenda and can be a formidable opponent when challenged.

“You actin’ sus…”

When it comes to relationships, Snakes can be possessive and very demanding, while still viewing their associates with a certain amount of distrust. They can be paranoid or neurotic about their suspicions. And when their anger is kindled, their hatred can be limitless. A Snake’s antagonism is “silent and deep-rooted”, but despite that, they are more likely to possess an “icy hostility” than vent with a “volley of hot words”. However, the more lethal types like to crush their enemies totally, and they are willing to wait as long as possible to exact revenge. But on a happy note, Snakes are passionate lovers.

Moving on, it is said that all Snakes have a sense of humor, but just like the INTJ, it is usually dry, sardonic, scintillating, or diabolical. They also have a penchant for dark humor as they can even crack a joke under stressful or bleak situations. This is also due to the fact that there is something just slightly sinister to them. However, in times of confusion and misfortune, they are a pillar of strength.

Lastly, let’s cover the “Snake Child”. Basically, a Snake child is quiet, alert, and intelligent. He possesses a serious nature and is inclined to focus on the details. He has a pensive outlook, and does well in school. He can also be sulky, vindictive, and temperamental if things don’t go his way.

Additionally, he can be secretive and brooding, often being misunderstood because he often fails to explain himself and has poorly established lines of communication. He’s always able to fend for himself, and can discipline himself. He may also know how to use people and situations to his advantage. He is supposed to be destined for fame and fortune.

Conclusion—To Be Continued

I know this seems abrupt, ending the comparison between INTJs and Snakes here, but this blog is massive. It’s slightly too big for one whole blog entry, so I’ve decided to split it up in two. In the next entry, you’ll get the differences between Snakes and INTJs, the details regarding what it means that I am an Earth, Winter, and Pisces Snake, my conclusion on the comparison, and my theory regarding how it is that astrology and zodiacs may be able to type a person.

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