Are INTJs Cool?

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So, back when I was in high school, I was accused by one of my classmates—one of my haters, specifically—that I thought I was cool. Now, I had a specific reaction to that, but before I reveal what it was, let’s instead try to answer the question are INTJs cool? Let’s examine the evidence by looking at what an INTJ is, what is cool, what isn’t, and finally, end with an answer to our question. Are INTJs cool? Place your bets now!

What is an INTJ?

So, what is an INTJ?

An INTJ is one of the sixteen personality types in the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI), but we all know that. So, specifically, what is an INTJ?

Well, if we go through the INTJ’s function stack, we learn that an INTJ is an analytical, truth seeker who appreciates logic and efficiency, but also has a strong moral code that he is always working to perfect, and he is sometimes prone to enjoying new and sensual experiences or objects of fine taste.

Despite his sense of taste, the INTJ is typically disconnected from the real world. This does not make him a hypocrite—he just simply values driving a BMW over watching the Kardashians because a well-engineered automobile designed to be loads of fun in the twisties is a worthier expenditure of time than willingly destroying brain cells. INTJs are people who value value.

Further, an INTJ prizes cold hard facts and rationale over emotions and feelings. This does not mean the INTJ is heartless, he just simply believes that there is a time and a place to be warm and fuzzy, and most times and most places are not fitting. An INTJ is also picky about with whom he is warm and fuzzy. What sort of people make the cut? The sort of people that don’t watch “reality” TV and can instead appreciate big ideas and deep truths.

An INTJ is also a man of integrity and character. He will never violate his personal code, and he constantly seeks to refine it as he pushes himself to live up to it. To put it simply, if God were one of the sixteen personalities, he would be an INTJ because only an INTJ could have come up with something like the Ten Commandments. (Not to mention that some INTJs already think of themselves as God.)

This is the most freedom and independence I’ve seen all day.

That’s not all, however, as INTJs do have some interesting traits not often discussed. For instance, they can be quite rebellious. This is due to the fact that they can’t help but notice when a system or set of rules isn’t working right or is severely misguided by “good intentions”. Another thing is that INTJs value freedom and independence to an almost manic pitch and will stop at nothing until they are achieved. They would much rather spend their lives looking for truth, meaning, and insight than work in a cubicle for 40 hours a week for 40 years of their life. (Some pursuits are just too noble to ignore.) And lastly, most unusual for INTJs, is that they are often sex machines. This is likely due to their passionate loyalty, devotion, and adoration for their spouse and because they can almost intuit the very best ways of making love. (Ni-Se is a powerhouse—don’t underestimate it!)

What is Cool?

So then, what is cool?

Unfortunately, what is cool is mostly left up to interpretation, but there are some things that generally everyone considers cool. For instance, being in a band is cool. It’s especially cooler you’re not a bassist, and it’s significantly cooler if your band plays heavy metal.

Cool people own snakes. The bigger they are, the more street cred you get. Even if you don’t know how to take care of it, which most of them don’t.

Other things that are considered cool are fast cars, motorcycles, leather jackets, black sunglasses, tattoos, being rich, dating someone super hot, guns or weapons in general, being tough, being strong, knowing martial arts, owning a Rottweiler, Doberman, or snake, doing parkour, breakdancing, backflipping a mountain bike, and so on.

There are more, but I think this short list here paints a rather comprehensive picture of what is considered cool. But what is that picture? Is it just me, or do all these things share something in common? Is there a universal understanding of what is cool? Is there a way to define “cool”? What makes something cool? What is “cool”?

Well, when I look at all the things that are considered cool, there are some commonalities that scream out at me. Firstly, is the fact that all these things are rare—not everyone owns them, has these abilities, or can do them. So there is something about rarity that makes something cool, but there is something else besides that.

Oh, a skull! It reminds me of death! It must be cool, then!!!

I think what really defines all these things is that they have a darker or edgier style, and there’s something about that style that we as humans like. I don’t know for sure where the appeal for darker things comes from—could be because man is a diurnal creature concerned with survival—but we do seem to be drawn to those things that remind us of danger, darkness, night, and the color black. And some of these things even remind us of death or scare us. So, I think the appeal is that when we come across someone who can wield or possess such dangerous items or forces, we are given to giving them a certain sense of respect. In fact, sometimes just acting like a stand-offish rebel who doesn’t need the group (society) is admired as being cool. But now that begs the question of what isn’t cool?

What is Not Cool?
Geez! Look at these normies! They’re so not cool!!!

Well, as defined above, things that are cool are usually dangerous, darkly colored, rare, and remind us of things that are generally considered negative, like melancholy or death. Therefore, anything opposite that is generally considered not cool. So, like smiling, for instance, isn’t cool. Bright and shiny things are not cool, unless we’re talking about a great, big pile of gold. Being a part of the group isn’t cool. Being safe isn’t cool. Surviving, and especially surviving easily, isn’t cool. Being responsible isn’t cool. Religion is generally not cool. But, I think we might be limiting ourselves a little here. To fully appreciate what isn’t cool, I think we need to look at a few other things that are not cool.

For instance, video games are generally not considered cool. Tabletop RPGs, comics, superheroes, anime, manga, cosplay, science, math, engineering, and other nerdy stuff aren’t considered cool. It’s also not cool to read or be smart. But why are these things not cool?

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure why. In terms of being smart, I think that’s not cool because it’s prized by society, and it’s always cooler to be a rebel or outcast, therefore it’s always cooler to be as dumb. As for video games and other nerdy crap, I think that’s usually discouraged because it’s partially often associated with children and partially because for a long time, there was no such thing as a cool nerd. Nerds used to basement dwellers with pale skin, acne-riddled faces, bad teeth, thick glasses, scrawny or obese bodies, and were insufferable know-it-alls. None of these qualities are attractive traits, hence why they were shunned. But these days are a little different.

Jessica Nigri Cosplaying Rikku from FFX-2. Hottest babe in the world right here.

I don’t know if it’s because of the proliferation of nerd culture or if it’s because nerds grew up and learned how to be nerdy without being insufferable, but there are some cool nerds out there. Take cosplayers for example; there are some cosplayers out there that are super hot babes. Sure, some of them are just models working a gig, but some of them grew up playing video games and watching anime. So, does that mean it’s cool to be a nerd now?

I would still argue no. I would say that those cosplayers are cool because they’re super hot babes, and not because they are nerds. Believe me, I’m not interested in seeing their Pokemans or their comic book collection. Those things are still nerdy and still uncool. But this demonstrates an interesting phenomenon where you have people that are both cool and not cool at the same time. So, what does that mean for INTJs?

Are INTJs Cool?

This is where things get tricky. INTJs are into nerdy things—plenty of them play video games, watch anime, are wicked smart, and know a lot of things. But INTJs are also huge edgelords—they’re into some of that dark and dangerous stuff I mentioned earlier. They like guns and swords, they practice martial arts, they own motorcycles and fast cars, some of them are rich, and almost every single INTJ’s favorite color is black. So, does this mean that INTJs are cool, or are they like the super hot cosplayers?

Well, here’s my theory:

While I think there are some people out there who do think INTJs are cool, like NFs and SFs, most people would not consider them cool. Here’s the thing: while it’s cool to own a motorcycle, that doesn’t mean you’re cool. Like I said earlier, what makes something cool is if it’s dangerous, dark, rare, and black. INTJs are rare, but they are not those other things.

I know this is OG Gina Carano, but isn’t she cute?!

INTJs may know dangerous moves, have dark emotions, and wear a lot of black, but that doesn’t describe them. They are not the embodiment of those cool traits. They have cool things, but they themselves are not cool. I think in order to be cool, you have to be cool. It’s something you’re born with, not acquired or learned. And unfortunately, INTJs are not cool. (Probably because of Ni, Te, and Fi.) And returning to my story where my classmate accused me of thinking I was cool, my specific reaction was one of confusion and rejection. I am not cool now, nor have I been, nor will I ever be. Even if I was dating Gina Carano and she called me “Daddy”, I would still not be cool.

But in the end though, does it really matter if INTJs are cool?

Does It Matter if You are Cool?

No, no it doesn’t. There’s nothing inherently good about being cool. Like I said, most things that are considered cool is usually subjective. Some people think motorcycles are cool, and others think they’re dangerous and therefore stupid. And while some people might think a super hot babe is cool, others won’t because of all the maintenance she needs to stay super hot. (Not to mention all the dudes you have to compete with in order to acquire and keep a super hot babe.)

Plus, the lives of a lot of “cool kids” have come to naught. They thought they could ride their lives out on their coolness, but it takes more than being cool to actually survive in life. It actually takes brains and discipline and occasionally working well with others. Being cool simply gets you a few tattoos, a child or two born out of wedlock, and living out of a trailer.

So, no, being cool doesn’t matter. And honestly, INTJs have more important things to worry about than whether or not they’re cool.

But what do you guys think? Do you think INTJs are cool? Do you consider yourself cool? Let me know in the comments below.

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