Why Do INTJs Love the Rain?

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No one would mistake an INTJ for a normal person. There’s nothing normal about them. From the way they look to the way they carry themselves, from the way they speak to their interests—they are clearly very different from others. This extends too to the sort of weather they prefer. While most people prefer the sun and clear skies, INTJs tend to like their weather murky. They like gray skies, thunderstorms, and water descending from the heavens in sheets. But why is that? Why do INTJs love the rain? Well, that’s the question I intend to answer today.

Pluviophiles, Pluviophiles Everywhere!

As it turns out, INTJs are actually not unique in loving rain. People who love the sound of rain are actually quite common. Although, they mostly use it as a sleep aide. According to a Kohler sponsored article on Main Line Today, the reason why we love rain, and other water noises, is because they are non-threatening. Sudden loud noises disturb us and activate our fight-or-flight response. Rainfall however does not. It’s a constant stream of sound at a low volume, which basically makes it white noise, which serves to relax our overstimulated brains. One site I found (that didn’t speak English very well hence why I’m not sourcing it) suggested that white noise produces alpha waves in the brain, which are typically produced when we are relaxed mentally and physically. As a result, the sound of rain, as well as babbling brooks and crashing waves, can lull us into a meditative state. But that’s not all.

Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols argues that the sound of rain can help bring out our inner creativity. Nichols’ position is that “the sound of rain allows our brain to wander, eventually reaching a state known as the default mode network. Associated with daydreaming and introspection, this mode is critical to creativity. This effect is amplified when you’re at the ocean or in the shower; instead of processing constant visual and auditory cues, you can finally reflect, free of distraction” (Main Line Today). Or in other words, the sound of rain covers up distracting sounds allowing you to focus on one thing, which is easier to do in a relaxed state than an agitated one. This might actually be why so many people love to curl up with a good book on a rainy day. It’s a low energy activity and the rain drowns out distracting noises while being consistent enough to keep your imagination flowing and focusing on the story.

Now, while that is all well and good, is that why INTJs love the rain? Well, partially, but there are other reasons.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

While rain may help an INTJ to relax and stimulate his creativity, there are actually other reasons why INTJs tend to prefer rainy or overcast days, and it mostly has to do with their introverted side.

Firstly, the rain drives people away. It’s no secret that INTJs are not fond of others, and as a result, they try to do as little socializing as possible. They seek out alone time and quiet areas where people either aren’t or are unlikely to go. As a result, this makes INTJs big fans of the rain because it usually drives people indoors to wait out the storm. That’s when INTJs come out to play. Everyone is inside, so INTJs finally go outside.

Another reason possibly related to their introverted natures is that INTJs are fans of dark colors. Bright colors stand out—dark colors don’t. Bright colors insist upon themselves—dark colors don’t. Bright colors attract attention—dark colors don’t. And it just so happens that our sun is yellow, a very bright and insistent color. And while blue can go either way depending on the shade, the color of the sky when the weather is clear is a light blue. But when the weather turns murky, the sky becomes gray—sometimes black—INTJs immediately feel like they are in their element. They no longer have to deal with a “loud” and extraverted sun, but are now in a reserved and moody atmosphere. The weather matches their attitude, and speaking of which…

The third reason why INTJs prefer the rain is their admiration for the unbridled power of nature. While more so found in thunderstorms than just rain, the power of nature is awe-inspiring. It has some sort of mystic power or appeal. I don’t know if it’s because lightning is so unique as a phenomenon or that we can’t control it, but it just gives you a sense of foreboding, along with the resulting rumble of thunder and the pitch black skies. It puts you on the edge of your seat, like you’re witnessing the apocalypse. You’re seeing something that you shouldn’t see or that will be the last thing you ever see. And something about that dark foreboding and raw energy excites an INTJ. The excitement of the spectacle, the hair raising thunderclaps, and the anticipation before hand stimulates our creativity and imagination. It’s also possible that INTJs feel a sort of kinship with a storm as the torrential power it possesses is not so different from the potential fury that all INTJs feel like they possess.

However, I should mention that there are of course exceptions to an INTJ’s love of rain. We’re not always happy to see it. Rain can be very irritating if it causes a power outage because INTJs need electricity to live. We need air conditioning, heat, computers, and the Internet. And light to read our books by. Further, there are just some days when the sun is preferred. These are often when we’re on vacation or going for a drive or bike ride or going to the beach. I personally am a fan of girls in bikinis, and girls don’t usually wear bikinis on rainy days. Although, there’s hardly a more appropriate time to wear a bikini than when it is raining. Just sayin’.

You Steal My Sunshine

I can certainly understand that it can be difficult for others to grasp the idea that INTJs prefer rain to sun, but that’s the way it is. It helps rid the world of people, we like the dark skies, and the power of the storm excites us. Not to mention, everyone just sleeps better when it’s raining, so how could one be completely against the rain? The world needs both rain and shine, just like how a person needs both good times with the bad, and just like how society needs both sunny ESFPs and dark INTJs.

But what do you guys think? Did I get something wrong or miss something? Are there any INTJs out there that actually prefer the sun to the rain? Let me know in the comments below.

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