Why Do INTJs Always Look Tired?

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If you’re familiar with the world of MBTI and you’ve been around people whose personalities you know, you’ll soon learn that certain behaviors are common to each type. ENTPs, for instance, are chaos incarnate and must be stopped; INFPs are warm and genuine, but don’t text back; ESTJs can pass for normal, but they have also had some experiences so crazy, you’d think they were a walking true crime novel. And if you’ve met at least a few INTJs in your life, you’ll know that they’re not wont to talk, seem detached from everything happening around them, and they always look tired. Now, I’ve covered the reasons why INTJs don’t talk and why they’re so detached from everything multiple times, but I’ve never covered why it is we always look so tired. So, why do INTJs always look tired?

“I have a lot of work to do around the bed.”

Why do INTJs always look tired? Because we are tired. When you see the bags under our eyes, the droopy faces, and the slight slump in our back, it’s because that’s how we really feel. INTJs don’t really hide their thoughts and feelings—they’re usually plastered on our face or in our body language. (And this of course means that when our face is blank, we’re not having any emotions or thoughts at the time.) But, anyway, the reason why we always look tired is because we are tired and we want to go to bed.

This of course raises the question then why are INTJs so tired? Do they not sleep? Most of the time, no. INTJs are nyctophiles by nature—there’s just something about the night that energizes us and makes us want to work. It could also be due to the fact that night is less distracting than the day because there’s less going on. So many other people are diurnal and their activities disrupt our activities. As a result, we get our real work done at night and cut back on sleep. Yes, it does feel like torture sometimes, but you get used to it. But this then begs the question, what does an INTJ work on at night that he can’t work on during the day?

“I don’t need sleep—I need answers.”

There are a couple of things an INTJ could be working on at night. One of them is the work every INTJ has, and the other is an INTJ’s specific work, which is really just an extension, or the method, of the work that every INTJ has. Take me for example: my specific work is writing, and so I may have a tendency to stay up all hours of the night writing. But what is the work every INTJ has? That is simply looking for the answer to everything. Some may say our work is looking for perfection, but what else is perfection besides the answer to everything? It is the be all, end all of all things. It is the origin and the terminus of everything. It is the reason why and why not, the first and last cause, the ultimate explanation, the reason why we have order and not chaos—it is the answer to everything, and the reason why INTJs are so tired.

You must understand, when you’ve taken up such a Homeric task as trying to explain everything as neatly as possible, your brain works overtime and you literally think about everything. You know that thing where you go to bed early, but then you’re awake for an hour or longer because you’re thinking about stuff? INTJs are like that all the time. And probably not just INTJs, but all introverted intuitives. Anyone with Ni as their dominant function has this problem, and those who have it as their auxiliary function aren’t far behind. But anyway, that’s the answer as to why INTJs are tired all the time—we don’t need sleep, we need answers.

And how does my work of writing help me to find the answer to everything? Well, writing allows me to collect all sorts of random bits of information and knowledge, which helps me to craft all kinds of different stories, and in those stories, I can play with concepts and characters, and sometimes I come across amazing revelations. Believe me; some day the answer to everything is going to be in one of my books.


And there you have it; another mystery solved the secretive nature of INTJs. Admittedly, it’s not a big one, but INTJs are simpler creatures than most people realize. Yes, we are complex, but the reasons why we do certain things can be remarkably simple as they are here. 

But not all INTJs are the same. What do you INTJs out there in audience think? Is this the reason you’re tired all the time, or did I miss the mark completely? Let me know in the comments below.

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      1. É simplesmente isso, trabalho com gestão de marcas e quando não estou virando noites para criar um projeto perfeito para o meu cliente. Acredite, estou estudando conteúdos que tenham haver e os que nem tanto assim para me aperfeiçoar e ampliar repertório. “Sempre dá de melhorar!”

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